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Weed Delivery in Calgary

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weed delivery in Calgary

Well, for one thing our city is vast and requires lots of driving. Some would agree living in Calgary feels like a network of small towns connected to each-other with large highways; Stony Tr., Glenmore Tr., Crowchild Tr., McLeod Tr., Sarcee Tr., and the list goes on…

It’s also quite cold, meaning we have to be indoors usually, unless we’re enjoying a winter activity.

What does this mean?

Well, it means living in Calgary we do lots of driving when we need to buy something, so most businesses accommodate by providing either a drive through or delivery. Banks, Starbucks, and most fast food chains offer a drive-through.

We’ll bring a full dispensary menu to your doorstep, so you can choose what you’d like right there in person just like going to the shop. We offer the best brands of edibles and concentrates, and we specialize in bringing the highest quality flower for you buck spent.

You can depend on us. Our delivery times are under 2 hours. We’re open 364 days out of the year from 11am-11pm every day of the week.

The full menu can be seen on our weed delivery in Calgary page. Our drive can’t promise they’ll have every single item from the menu with them, but we do promise to have every type of product.

There are always new promotions and deals going on, check out our weed delivery in Calgary special promos Calgary Deals.

Almost all restaurants, liquor stores, and some grocery stores offer delivery now a days, why shouldn’t Cannabis be delivered? We do just that. We offer weed delivery in Calgary.

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