Top 10 Restaurants in Calgary Downtown to Visit After Getting High

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top 10 restaurants in calgary

top 10 restaurants in calgary

Around an hour after getting high, the question most of us wonder out loud is “Where should we eat?” or “What should we eat?”
Two hours after blazing, we’re still sitting in the same spot wondering the same 2 questions.
Three hours after getting high, again, we’re probably still sitting in the same spot eating chips and still wondering the same 2 questions…
Since this is the most commonly asked question after getting high, we thought we’d try and help give you some tasty spots to solve your riddle of where and what to eat tonight. The list below is in no particular order and includes a variety of different tastes.

Let’s not forget about the classics. Calgary has a very good selection of pizza and burger spots to choose from so picking the best of the best was very difficult. We hope we hit the nail on the head! Take a look below to see our list of top restaurants in downtown Calgary to stop by after getting high.

So, how long does it take you to get the munchies after getting high?

As a bonus, we want to include pho which is a popular Vietnamese soup dish. Each Vietnamese restaurant uses a different version of the pho sauce, so if you enjoy the pho here be sure to try out a few other Vietnamese spots as you’ll notice a difference in taste.

Take the time to try out Medicine Man’s favourite restaurants whenever you’re high and hungry!
Make sure to let us know what you think below after you’ve tried some of these out!

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