Medicine Man provides multiple shipping options in order to best serve the needs of our customers. The shipping options we offer include Expedited, Xpress, and Priority shipping. Just to clarify, we count the duration of days it’ll take for your package to be delivered to you as business days (Monday to Friday, not including statutory holidays), as Canada Post is not open on weekends.

We don’t make any profit by shipping our products. All of the prices displayed are standard Canada Post shipping prices. Medicine Man will only ever charge you the going-rate for mail order marijuana shipments. We believe this is most fair and efficient way to ensure timely delivery and encourage positive relationships with our satisfied customers. Canada Post is one of the most effective and inexpensive government-regulated postal services in the world, and they are increasingly synergistic with online dispensaries such as our own.


Expedited shipping takes 1-3 days if you’re in BC, Alberta, and any other major metropolitan area. It will however take approximately 3-5 days if you’re shipping to any islands on either coast, most of Quebec, NW Territories, or smaller, more remote towns. Expedited shipping is $15, but if you spend over $99 on your order, then we provide it for free. Expedited shipping is ideal for those on a budget, or for those who can afford to wait a few days for their mail order marijuana delivery, if necessary.


Xpress shipping takes 1-2 days for all major metropolitan areas and the majority of BC and Alberta. It may take anywhere up to 3 days for islands on either coast, most of Quebec, NW Territories, or smaller, more remote towns. The rate for Xpress shipping is $25, but we include it for free if you spend over $149 on your order. Xpress shipping is our mid-level shipping option, and may be best suited to those who wish to receive their mail order marijuana in the next couple of days.


Priority shipping is also known as “next day delivery,” but we’ll be honest, it can take up to 2 days. However, for all major metropolitan areas, it usually arrives the next day. Priority shipping will take 1-2 days for most of Canada. This includes coastal islands and remote areas. Please be advised that it is possible (although unlikely) that priority shipping may take up to 3 days if you’re shipping to extremely remote areas such as certain regions of Quebec, NW Territories, and certain islands. Where Xpress would usually take 2 days, Priority takes only 1 day. Where Expedited usually would take 5 days and Xpress usually would take 3 days to reach a remote area, Priority will almost always be there in less than 2 days. The rate for Priority shipping is $40, but if you spend over $199 on your initial purchase then we provide it free of charge. Priority shipping may be ideal for those purchasing large orders of mail order marijuana or those who wish to receive their order as soon as possible.


Medicine Man ships exclusively with Canada Post. In our experience, this has proven to be the safest, cheapest and best overall service for everyone. Canada Post has strict rules in place regarding packaging; and we adhere to these regulations with all of our shipments. We are yet to experience any problems with Canada Post, and have not had any issues with postal seizures or authorities bothering our customers. Canada Post will deliver to anywhere in Canada, and are authorized to transport mail order marijuana. Be sure to enter your correct mailing address, because from our experience, the only time a package is lost is when the customer has mistakenly entered an incorrect postal address!


Canada Post has a mobile application where you can track and monitor your parcel deliveries. You can track your orders via push notifications and delivery status updates provided by your courier. The Canada Post application is available on iOS, Blackberry and Android devices, and we recommend using it to put your mind at ease. If for any reason Canada Post is unable to deliver your parcel (if you’re not home, for example), then they will inform you of the unsuccessful delivery attempt and then re-deliver your package the next working day. Alternatively, they may send your package to the nearest postal depot, where it will be available for collection the next working day. You must ensure the name provided on our website is the same as your ID, because Canada Post employees will ask for your ID and it must match the same name as the package.


The only minor drawback to using Canada Post is that they do take an extra day in their delivery for certain areas of Canada. However, this is common with most Canadian courier services. Canada Post guarantees that your packages will arrive discreetly, regardless of any distance-related delays. Canada Post has served as the courier for our online dispensary since its inception and their service is experienced with mail order marijuana dispensaries. Canada Post guarantees delivery to anywhere in Canada, no matter how remote. This is in line with Medicine Man’s ethos that the Canadian people, regardless of location, deserve access to the best marijuana strains and quality in the world. Our online dispensary aims to give all Canadians access to the highest quality of marijuana in a safe, timely and affordable manner.


Here at Medicine Man, we realize that many customers may wish for discretion when purchasing mail order marijuana. We know that discreet packaging can be very important for our customers and their privacy. Ultimately, marijuana remains a taboo in many cultures, and we respect this fact. That’s why we use 100% smell-proof plain envelopes and boxes with no branding. You won’t find any Medicine Man or obviously marijuana-related text/logos on any of our packages, only inside the packages will you find our products with original branding. We ensure that our packaging is dignified and subtle. In some cases, purchasing marijuana can be a discreet part of our customers’ lives and we make sure to accommodate.


Inside of your plain package, the products themselves all have their original packaging with their seals still unopened. Your marijuana will be securely sealed for freshness and protection during transit; ensuring a high quality product for all of our customers. Our marijuana packaging is designed to be compact, smell-proof and airtight. We always endeavor to ensure that your strains arrive with the same potency that they left the farm and our dispensary with.