Cannabis & Covid-19

Can Some Cannabis Strains Prevent Or Even Fight Covid-19?

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Can some Cannabis CBD strains prevent Covid-19?

Above all, we all want to know if some cannabis CBD strains prevent Covid-19 and if some strains can possibly fight it? Cannabis is a medicinal plant and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Two Canadian doctors in Lethbridge, AB have been researching with Cannabis to find if any strains can help with fighting Covid-19, Corona.

Their findings are similar to what most doctors find when they study the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Their findings seem to always include and begin to focus mostly on the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids.

Cannabis and Anti-Inflammation

There are a large number of studies showing Cannabis CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects. CBD’s healing effects are no longer a theory. Below, is a list of credible sources of scientific studies showing the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis.

If you’re feeling pain and want to use CBD to help you heal faster and comfort the pain, first begin begin with 40mg per day in the mornings for the first week. Then, increase to 45mg the second week. And last but not least, increase to 50mg the following week.

There is no way to overdose with CBD or any cannabinoid, but 50mg a day is plenty to feel all the benefits.

More Medicinal Effects?

Scientists are studying cannabinoids to be able to find more medicinal effects. However, funding is limited for cannabis studies, therefore the progress is slow. The ultimate goal is to find out the exact medicinal benefits and effects of each strain separately.

Therefore, that would probably be the most accurate way to recommend strain and dose for any person for their own individual needs. This shows how much room science still has to grow for learning about how Cannabis can help mankind.

First and foremost, there are over 400 natural compounds in Cannabis, and each strain contains different cannabinoids. Additionally, a strain can contain any combination of cannabinoids from the 100+ that have been found (isolated from the plant). However, some strains may contain more or less cannabinoids.

In conclusion, this is why each strain has a different “high” effect, duration, dose, and some strains don’t even have a “high” effect like CBD strains.

While that goal is a far reach away, there are doctors out there placing effort such as Drs. Igor and Olga Kovalchuk to identify the healing effects of some of these cannabinoids. For instance, they have been focusing on studying different strains to see if any of them can help with preventing or even fighting Covid-19.

University of Lethbridge researcher Igor Kovalchuk

Drs Igor and Algo Kovalchuk’s findings

Their findings have been quite similar to what all studies seem to focus back into, which is the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

From what their studies indicate, these doctors have found high CBD strains that are able to prevent the disease by over 70%. The cannabis creates an environment in your system, which prevents the virus from nesting inside of your body.

To make it short.

Covid-19 causes inflammation for most patients. It mostly causes inflammation in the lungs and respiratory system, but it can cause inflammation inside the mouth as well.

CBD reduces, prevents, and can cure inflammation anywhere in the body. This in turn prevents and fights Covid-19 inside our bodies.

Cannabis CBD for muscle & bone recovery

Many athletes use cannabis CBD for recovery.

Doctors recommend cannabis CBD for broken bones and bone healing.

The above statements and facts are only a part of the full spectrum of benefits cannabis CBD has for our human body.

Cannabis has more physical and even many psychological healing properties.

The benefits range greatly, however the fact cannabis CBD heals inflammation is the one we’re focused on when we read Drs. Igor and Olga’s study of why cannabis can prevent Covid-19.

The findings don’t prove it’s CBD alone working against Covid-19 by being an anti-inflammatory, but there are most probably more cannabinoid types at play here.

Cannabis CBD for improving our immune system

There are cannabinoids that can increase our immune system health.

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I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to one another’s story having had a healing experience with cannabis.

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